Proudly independent

A Day of Reflection

March 23rd 2020 the day we closed our showroom doors, not sure when we would return.

The fear of the unknown looming over us all.  We waited and observed the lockdown, with the rest of the nation/world.

3 months passed with Zoom and FaceTime being our new way of working and ‘seeing’ people.

In June with news of lockdown easing, the risk assessments were written and rewritten, the workshop was re jigged to allow for social distancing with the help of our fitter Paul. All of which took a lot of time to be considered but now has become part of our daily routine at work. 

When the lockdown measures were eased slightly, we very cautiously started to return to work. This was us as a family to begin with, the rest of our staff members furloughed.

As things started to pick up home visits resumed to empty properties and outdoor work.

In July we were able to re open our showroom and most of our staff members returned. At first this seemed very alien letting customers into the showroom again but also comforting. This was all before face coverings became mandatory, we insisted on customers wearing them when entering the showroom and our staff members were wearing them too.

Home visits were able to resume in full with what seemed like a daunting list of necessary precautions being taken before calling to customers. As a small independent family business we had the responsibility to protect our staff members and customers to the very best of our ability.

This continues to be our priority and will continue until needed. 

With over half of our staff members now vaccinated it seems a very strange position to be in a year down the line. How would we have done things differently? What will we know about the virus this time next year?

On a national day of reflection our thoughts are with all those people that have lost during the past year. Whether this be family, friends or livelihoods.

With a positive attitude we believe that “Tomorrow WILL be a better day”.