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Can Blinds help save energy?

With energy costs rising and the impacts of climate change, we need to do everything we can to help insulate our properties. Heat gain and heat loss through windows is responsible for 25%-30% of residential heating and cooling costs.

Adding a blind, shutter or curtain to any glazed area will instantly help reduce heat loss from any window or door. There are certain window treatments that will have more insulting properties than others and there are also fabrics that will be designed to help insulate. The position that the blinds are fitted in is also something to consider. For example a fitting outside of a recess may provide a better overall coverage to protect a room from any drafts that might occur around glazing. With regards to fabric choices generally the thicker the fabric the more of a barrier it will create. There are however fabrics that have been designed to insulate. For example honeycomb/duette pleated blind fabrics or reflective backed Roller or Vertical blind fabrics.  These can sometimes limit choices slightly but there are still a large variety to choose from don’t worry!

So with those points in mind, here’s our guide to what we think are the best window treatments for helping insulate your homes.


Most shutters will have a frame that follows the recess or outline of a window, this will create a barrier around the glazed area therefore retaining any heat from being lost to the outside any also protecting from the UV rays coming into a room. The option to tilt the slats gives you flexibility to control the amount of light or specifically sunlight being let into the room. 

Shutters are made from MDF, timber and hardwood materials all of which are solid to form that all important barrier.

Hardwood Shutter

Pleated blinds – in Honeycomb fabric

There are different model variations of pleated blinds. All of which are available in honeycomb fabric. The honeycomb fabric, also known as Duette fabric, is a pocketed effect. Each pocket of fabric traps the air which will help to insulate creating a double layer. The honeycomb fabrics are available in both a blackout and non blackout finish. The blackout finish has a silver reflective coating to help reflect the UV rays back out. Pleated blinds can be fitted both onto the glass of a window or door or within in a recess giving versatile options for protecting all types glazing situations from Bifold doors to gable end windows.

Pleated blinds in a honeycomb fabric

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds can be made from a huge range of soft fabrics. The blinds are then lined as standard from Granley Blinds with a blackout lining. We use a blackout lining as it will protect the face fabric from any damaging UV rays but it will also mean that the blind has double layer of fabric giving it more insulating properties. If there is an extra level of insulation required we can offer a thermal or fleece bonded lining. These linings work a bit like a sleeping bag or duvet and add a super cosy insulating layer to your blind.


Roman blinds in a bay window