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How To Measure For Blinds

The following is a general purpose guide for measuring up for new blinds.

  • Always state your measurements width first then drop second.
  • Never use the term “Length” as this could mean either.
  • Always use a steel tape/rule.
  • Decide how your blind needs to fit the window or area. Is it going inside or outside the recess?

Inside Recess

Take an accurate measurement in at least 3 positions. One top and bottom plus one in the centre for the width then repeat the procedure for the drop and make a note of any special variations/obstructions such as tiles at the bottom and/or sides in kitchens/bathrooms. In this case give both measurements between tiles and above. Remember a small neat diagram always helps. If you can give us this information accurately we will make the allowances for you to make sure your blinds fit correctly.

When ordering roller blinds to fit inside a recess special care must be taken to ensure that there is enough window frame to compensate for the shoulder allowance for the brackets/fittings/controls.

The cloth on a roller blind is always 1.5” (35mm) less than the overall recess size. That is 0.75” or 17.5mm each side. We recommend a minimum of 1″ of window frame to give the necessary coverage required. You cannot work from a cloth width upwards if you are fitting inside recess. You must work from a recess size, which will then determine the maximum width that you can expect the cloth to be. Double check that there is sufficient coverage. We cannot be held responsible if the fabric does not cover the window area.

Outside Recess

After you have checked the measurements we suggest were possible a minimum of 2″ (50mm) overlap at each side and on the drop. Giving a coverage of 4″ (100mm) overall to your window size.

Remember to add a further 1.5 (35mm) to this measurement if you are measuring for a roller blind as the cloth measurement is automatically 1.5” less than the pin size.


  • Example 48″ wide x 40″ drop recess size.
  • Add 4″ overlap = 52″ cloth width add 1.5 for shoulder plus 4″ on drop.
  • Measurement = 53.5 x 44″ drop.

This is the size you will be charged for.